Bulk Bag Unloaders


The quick and efficient solution for bulk bag discharge and dust control.

Hapman bulk bag unloaders (or bulk bag dischargers) are engineered to safely and effectively unload large bags, commonly known as Flexible intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). The structural framework is designed for your specific application.


Each bulk bag unloader is equipped with the features you need to maximize your bag handling process – from a cantilevered I-beam to an electric hoist and trolley for loading and unloading of bulk bags without the use of a forklift. Other bulk bag unloader designs include frames for forklift loading, and low-profile units for use in low ceiling areas where lack of overhead room would impede the full extension of the forklift.

Also available are bulk bag unloader half-frames that can be used with existing hoist and monorail systems, a loss-in-weight option for uninterrupted feeding directly from bulk bags in batching operations, and other engineered designs for specialized requirements.

The bulk bag unloader operation is engineered for labor optimization and maximum product output. Two different types of this structural piece of bulk material handling equipment are available from Hapman.

Forklift Style

The operation of the forklift-style bulk bag unloader begins with the forklift driver lifting the bag transporter off of the unloader frame using the integral lift pockets. The transporter has four safety hooks that will securely hold the bag during the bulk bag discharge process. The fork truck raises the transporter and bag, placing it on the unloader frame.

Once the stops are reached, the fork truck driver knows the transporter is securely in place. The operator will then open the valve (typically an Iris or Pinch type), pull the spout of the bag into the untie box/access chamber, close the valve, and untie the spout. The bag is now staged and ready to begin the bulk bag discharge process.

Hoist and Trolley Style

The operation of the Hoist and Trolley-style bulk bag unloader begins with a single operator lowering the hoist to ground level with a four-button pendant control and securing the bag adaptor to the loops on the bag. The operator then raises the bag with the hoist, moves the bag into the frame on the cantileavered I-beam, and places the bag spout over the valve.

The operator will then open the valve (typically an Iris or Pinch type), pull the spout of the bag into the untie box/access chamber, close the valve, and then untie the bag. The bag is now staged and ready to begin the bulk bag discharge process.

• Long-lasting robust frame designed for your specific bag size and application.
• Custom-designed frame fits tight spaces when you need to work around or straddle another piece of equipment or obstruction, or have restricted headroom.
• Integral bag dump station for manually dumping smaller bags/minor ingredients.
• Pneumatic bag and side puncher bag agitation
• Pinch valve for retying bags
• Untie boxes designed for your particular application
• Integral dust handling (see images below)
• Manual iris valves (see images below)

Integral Dust Collection

Iris Valve Options

Iris Valve Details

• Choose a hoist and trolley style or forklift style frame, which offers adjustable heights, to suit your application.
• Hoists are available for a variety of electrical classifications, as well as chain or wire rope configurations.
• Pneumatic bag agitator improves the flow of compacted or difficult-to-dispense materials.
• Pneumatically activated pinch valve allows the operator to retie bags when necessary.
• Pan utilizing rubber vibration dampers and an ATEX-rated electric vibrator improves material discharge.
• Batch weigh systems for loss-in weight allow batching operations that are accurate to one pound or less.
• Self-contained dust control collection system maximizes dust protection and minimizes lost product. These units require half the space and cost less than stand-alone units.
• Create a dust-tight spout-to-hopper connection with optional Flex-Connect? flexible spout connector.

Bulk Bag Unloader with Dual Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor Sanitary Components

• Efficiently processes bulk powders for sanitary applications
• Quickly and completely discharges material into a Series 500 Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor
• Material is fed through a sifter and transferred by a second Helix®
• FDA and USDA complaint
• Dairy-grade quick release discharge assembly and casing meets all sanitary conditions

Portable Bulk Bag Unloader with Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor

• Portable base
• 2-stage agitation allows agglomerated material to flow freely
• Material transfer system can be moved to different locations
• Big tie box allows for flow to be stopped and the bag sealed for dust control
• Utilized for bulk bag unloading and conveying
• Ideal for batch processing