DE-Clumper™ Lump Breakers


Reduce agglomerates and compacted materials to original particle sizes and flowability for downstream processes

• Compact, low-profile design allows inline placement between upstream and downstream equipment
• Robust design and construction makes it suitable for use as a light-duty crusher as well as an ultra-heavy-duty lump breaker
• Available in stand-alone configurations with hopper and stand
• External lubrication access eliminates need to remove guarding during routine maintenance
• Optional removal of classifying screens through side of housing for rapid, tool-free cleaning and/or changeover
• Models with 1 to 4 rotors in sizes from 12 x 12 to 48 x 48 in. (30.5 x 30.5 to 122 x 122 cm)
• Single 3 hp (2.2 kw) drives to 20+ hp (14.9+ kw) dual redundant drives
• Chain and sprocket drives handle high loads and offer superior durability
• Operates at low RPM for gentle handling with little or no heat generation
• Typical applications: agglomerated and/or hydrolyzed sugars, salts, sodium/calcium carbonates, chemicals, fertilizers, flakes, cement powders, hygroscopic products

MUNSON® De-Clumper™ Model RDC-3030-SS showing four rotors with three-point, single-piece breaking heads rotating above a curved, perforated bedscreen with apertures from 1/32 in. to 2-1/2 in. (0.8 to 64 mm) in diameter.

MUNSON's De-Clumper™ lump breaker reduces compacted, lumpy and agglomerated materials from silos, handheld sacks and bulk bags to their original particle sizes and flowability, making them suitable for downstream processing and/or conveying.

Its low profile design with matching inlet and outlet flanges, allows inline mounting in restricted spaces between upstream outlets and downstream inlets of process equipment.

Spacing between the dual rotors on dual-drive larger units (or the single rotor and stationary comb on single-drive smaller units) forces lumps against one another (or against the comb on single-drive units) without overworking, until material returns to its original particle size as determined by the size of bed screen perforations through which material exits the unit.

External lubrication access eliminates the need to remove the housing or guarding during routine maintenance, while optional side-access screens allow rapid, tool-free removal for cleaning, changing and inspection of screens.

If needed, the one-piece lump-breaking weldment is easily replaced as an integral unit.

As standard, the lump breaker features an exceptionally robust housing, lump breaking heads of AR-235 abrasion resistant steel and heavy duty pillow block support bearings. Also standard are self-lubricating chain and sprocket drives that handle high loads without the slippage, burn-outs and wear associated with belt drives, or the broken teeth that can occur with intermeshing gears.


• Low profile construction
• Integral housing and drive
• One-piece, replaceable lump-breaking weldment constructed of AR-235 abrasion resistant steel
• Classifying bed screens with perforations from 1/32 in. (0.8 mm) in diameter to 2-1/2 in. (64 mm) square
• Capable of in-line or stand-alone operation
• Rugged design withstands heavy use
• Low maintenance requirements
• UHMW air purge block seals
• Exceptionally durable, self-lubricating chain and sprocket drive
• External access for bearing lubrication eliminates need to remove guarding for routine maintenance
• Matching inlet and outlet flanges