Rotary Batch Mini Mixers


Gently blend dry materials in 2 to 3 minutes, add liquids uniformly, discharge with no segregation and sanitize quickly — on a laboratory, pilot plant or small-production scale

The MUNSON® Rotary Batch Mini Mixers deliver the same unique advantages as larger in-line models, but in capacities from 0.25 to 15 cu ft (7 to 425 liters) for off-line laboratory, pilot plant, small-production or pre-blending applications.

The four-way mixing action gently tumbles, turns, cuts and folds the material, producing a thorough blend in only 2 to 3 minutes, while preventing degradation by imparting minimal energy and intensity to the product.

This blending action also prevents segregation during discharge regardless of particle sizes, shapes or bulk densities, and provides an ideal fluid bed for liquid additions.

Unlike stationary mixers with agitators, Rotary Batch Mini Mixers produce homogeneous blends with no shear, discharge completely with no stratification, and have no internal shafts or shaft seals to contact material.

Model MX-15-SS, 15 cu ft (425 liter) capacity Rotary Batch Mini Mixer showing large access door and optional discharge chute.

Features Overview

• Capacities from 0.25 to 15 cu ft (7 to 425 liters)
• 1 to 3 minute cycle times
• Uniform dry blends regardless of disparate bulk densities and particle sizes
• Internal mixing flights provide a four-way mixing action: tumble, turn, cut and fold
• Uniform liquid additions, coatings, flavorings and impregnations (when equipped)
• Gentle mixing with no shear
• Total discharge with no segregation
• Sanitary/pharma, food-grade and industrial finishes
• Long life with minimal maintenance
• Internal mixing flights configured for complete discharge and ease of clean out
• Equally efficient mixing at 100% down to 10% of maximum capacity (even with bulk products having widely disparate bulk densities and particle sizes, including ingredients added in trace quantities)
• Low power requirements, high mechanical efficiency
• Large, gasketed access door for rapid product charging, visual inspection of every interior surface, dust-tight operation, and rapid cleaning/sanitizing
• Blend quality and mix times scale identically with high capacity Rotary Batch Mixers, allowing laboratory results obtained with the Mini Mixer to be scaled up with accurate projections of system performance
• Rotating vessel supported by two oversized trunnion rings for superior load capacity and exceptional life
• Completely self-emptying except for possible dust on interior drum surface
• Completely welded frame and drum assemblies
• No need to stop or reverse mixer for loading or discharging
• Constant motion ensures uniform distribution of batch ingredients during loading and mixing as well as discharging
• Manual or solenoid-operated discharge valve