Rotary Batch Mixers


Blend dry bulk solids with or without liquid additions quickly, uniformly and gently, with total discharge and no cross-contamination

The MUNSON® Rotary Batch Mixer delivers uniform particle distribution, uniform liquid additions, cycle times under 3 minutes, gentle product handling, the lowest energy consumption, and complete discharge with no segregation. It also cleans and sanitizes quickly and easily preventing cross-contamination.

MUNSON's unique, four-way mixing action gently folds, tumbles, cuts and turns the material, producing a thorough blend in only 1 to 3 minutes, while imparting minimal energy and intensity to the product. The same blending action prevents segregation regardless of particle sizes, shapes or bulk densities, and provides an ideal fluid bed for liquid additions.

Unlike stationary mixers with agitators, MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixers produce homogeneous blends with no shear, discharge completely with no stratification and have no internal shafts or shaft seals to contact material.

This superior combination of attributes makes the MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixer ideal for a broad range of applications, from pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food applications requiring absolute cleanliness, to minerals, glass and concrete blending requiring extraordinary durability.
• 1 to 3 minute cycle times
• Uniform dry blends and liquid additions
• Gentle mixing
• Total discharge with no segregation
• Ultra-fast cleaning and sanitizing
• Full interior access
• Low energy costs
• Stationary inlet and outlet
• Wide range of flexible capacities
• Dust-tight operation
• Long life with minimal maintenance

Unique Principle of Operation

MUNSON® Rotary Batch Mixers feature a stationary inlet, an opposing stationary discharge, and a rotating drum in between. Material is charged via the inlet chute while the drum is rotating.

Internal mixing flights create a gentle, four-way mixing action that tumbles, folds, cuts and turns the material.

This provides free space between particles, and causes them to recombine 288 times per minute — without the free-fall that can damage material.

High Performance Unavailable from Any Other Bulk Solids Mixer

MUNSON® Rotary Batch Mixers provide a superior combination of standard features that improve quality and cut cycle times while reducing maintenance and operating cost.

1 to 3 Minute Mixing Times

A MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixer requires only 1 to 3 minutes to blend a batch, boosting output while eliminating or minimizing any effect on the integrity, temperature, moisture and density of your material. Short cycle times also allow smaller Rotary Batch Mixers to equal the production of larger, slower mixers, saving floor space.

Uniform Dry Blends

MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixers are efficient, distributing particles throughout the batch with uniformity to one-tenth of one percent typical — even when blending particles of widely disparate sizes, shapes and bulk densities — maintaining consistent product quality.

Gentle Mixing

The MUNSON Rotary Mixer folds, cuts and turns material as it tumbles, achieving batch uniformity gently as well as quickly — with no free-fall of material that can damage particles. Light and fluffy materials remain in that condition during mixing and upon discharge, with no densification. Similarly, materials that are dense under ideal circumstances remain dense during mixing and discharge — an added benefit when packaging blended material by weight or volume.

Total Discharge

In addition to blending, proprietary mixing flights also serve to move all material to and through the plug gate discharge valve until the vessel is empty, eliminating residual that would otherwise be wasted or require manual removal prior to cleaning.

Ultra-Fast Cleaning and Sanitizing

Sanitizing is fast and easy for several reasons exclusive to the MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixer:

1. Complete discharge with only minimal residual dust on interior surfaces

2. Unlike other rotary designs, no shaft seals and no dead spots or deep recesses to harbor contamination

3. Multiple drum clean-out doors

4. Unrestricted access for spraying with air, cleaning solutions or steam

5. Available wash/rinse-in-place spray nozzles

6. Convenient drain plug

7. Cross ventilation of one large open area for rapid drying

8. Ability to visually inspect all internal surfaces

Uniform Liquid Additions, Coatings, Flavorings, Impregnations

MUNSON offers all Rotary Batch Mixers with single or multiple internal spray lines for liquid coatings, flavorings and impregnations. Unlike mixers that spray liquid additions onto a thin waterfall of material (as well as through the material and onto inaccessible internal surfaces), MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixers spray liquid additions onto a wide expanse of moving material, rapidly achieving batch uniformity to one-tenth of one percent at ratios down to 1 part per million of liquid to solids.

A. Plug gate discharge valve
B. Trunnion ring
C. Rotating mixing vessel
D. Large access doors
E. Trunnion ring
F. Retractable intake chute
G. Low power motor

Features Overview

• Uniform mixing in 1 to 3 minutes
• Ultra-fast cleaning and sanitizing
• Capacities from 5 to 600 cu ft (142 liters to 17 cu m)
• Gentle tumbling action plus short cycles eliminate or minimize degradation
• No stratification, segregation or densification
• Equally efficient mixing from 100% down to 10% of rated capacity
• Handles dry powder and granular products
• Totally dust tight
• Loads, mixes, unloads at the same floor level — no need for multi-level structures
• Ideal for uniform liquid additions, coatings, flavorings and impregnations
• Low horsepower, high mechanical efficiency
• Exhaust vent for air and dust displaced during loading
• Quick opening access door in the mixer drum section
• Internal lifter and baffle design variations to meet the mixing requirements of unusually difficult and/or fibrous material
• Rotating vessel supported by two oversized trunnion rings for superior load capacity and exceptional life
• Completely self-emptying except for possible dust on interior drum surface
• Completely welded frame and drum assemblies
• No need to stop or reverse mixer for loading or discharging
• Constant motion ensures uniform distribution of batch ingredients during loading and mixing as well as discharging
• Manual or solenoid-operated discharge valve