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Big Bag Unloading Station

With Carbon Steel or Stainless Construction and Option of Bag Pusher/Vibration Pan, Spout Pulling, Spout Clamping, Pinch Valve, Buffer Hopper and Load Cell.

  • Trolley Monorail Beam
  • Electrical or Air Hoist
  • Available for Atex Designed

  • Sack Tip

    Mitigates Loss of Product and Improves Safety

    Bag Dump Stations provide for the effective dumping of small volume bags while mitigating loss of product through dusting. Improve worker safety, reduce housekeeping and keep your material in the product flow where it belongs with integrated dust collection.

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    Material Choices

    Available in multiple grades of stainless steel, as well as carbon steel.

    Empty Bag Compactor

    Provides for dustless disposal of the empty bags.